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Forex Trading Survival - How to Survive With Just 1 Trade Per Week in Currency Trading

Many people want to make as much profits as possible from the forex market, therefore they always want to be in the market so that they will not miss any trading opportunity. Is this the correct way to trade forex?

The fact that 95% of the people loose money in forex trading is because they lack of trading discipline, money management, patience and most of all, they are too eager to trade (trigger happy). Forex trading is about high probability trade setups, and to win in forex by trading many times a day is not easy at all. You are lowering the probability of winning a forex trade.

You can be those short-term traders and scalpers who make a few profits here and there but receive a lot of stress in return OR be a trader who takes in only one or 2 trades per week and able to satisfy your monthly needs.

Let me give you an example. Trader A needs to trade everyday to make 10 pips per day(out of 20 trading days) in order to achieve 200 pips per month. Trader B only needs to trade for 2 weeks which can make him 100 pips per week. Which will you choose? 80% chose the latter after I asked them this question.

A lot of people start forex trading with the first method because they want quick profits out from the market or lack of confidence that the trend will sustain. Every each and individual has their own preferences, I can't say which is wrong and which is right.

But if you are trading forex for already quite sometime, you should have realized that often a perfect trade setup is the one that you are looking for. You know that you can make an excellent living from forex trading if you are able to find just 1 of the ideal trade setups per week.

I personally use some forex technical indicators to detect the high probability trade setups and will make sure that those indicators are all in the same direction before I decide to trade. I do not like to trade for small profits because firstly, I have a high risk to reward ratio (profit target of at least 60 pips if my stop loss is 30 pips) to meet. Secondly, I only go along with the real trend, and it's the real trend that brings me the big fish.

I understand that some people will disagree by saying that a forex trend does not occur everyday. That's the point I want to prove, there is no real trend everyday, that's why I only trade once or twice per week, or even per 2 weeks, but already it's enough for my income.

The main point I want to get across is that you only need a few of the high probability setups to make some excellent returns. If you are not sure what kinds of methods are able to do that, please download my FREE eBook which provides the information and forex trading system that you need to trade successfully.